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La Cité Universitaire de Paris was founded shortly after the 1st World War. It is mainly work of André Honnorat, at that time French Minister for Education, who dreamed to create a place:

  • that would attract students, from France and from foreigh countries, so that the Parisian University could have again as many attendees than it had before 1st World War,
  • where students, that is young people, from different countries could meet, work together, create friendly links, and possibly become an adult generation different from that who made 1st World War.

    In 1921, a convention was signed between the State and the City of Paris that assigned a large area just in front of Parc Montsouris, in a place well situated with respect to the Quartier Latin, the district of Paris where stood the University. Between 1923 and 1924, several houses were built in this large park.

    In 1925, Honnorat decided to build a house that would become the hearth of the Cité: a central building with meeting rooms, library, theater, cinema, as well as sport gear. La Maison Internationale was designed by Lucien Bechman as a replica of the Chateau de Fontainebleau. It was realized due to John D. Rockfeller Junior, who financed the project, and finally inaugurated in 1936.

    Today, 39 houses host around 5000 people, students and researchers, in a wide park. La Cité Universitaire is often compared to an open architectural exhibit, since each house has its own architectural style. To discover these different houses, as well as where they are situated in the Cité, you can use the interactive map available from the Cité Universitaire french home page, clicking then on 'Le Parc et ses 39 maisons' on top right go here). The Maison Internationale where WSE 2007 will take place is the largest house in the middle of the map (click on it to see a picture and a short description). A more standard map (.pdf) is available here.

    Another set of pictures is also available in this gallery.



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