WSE 2004


6th IEEE International Workshop on
Web Site Evolution

Saturday, September 11, 2004; Chicago, IL

Theme: Testing

Original Call for Papers

Invited address: "Web Application Testing Beyond Tactics"
Hung Quoc Nguyen (author of Testing Applications on the Web and Testing Computer Software)

Final Program


Technical Session 1

Harry M. Sneed & Stephan H. Sneed, Testing a Web Application

Paolo Tonella and Filippo Ricca, A 2-Layer Model for the White-Box Testing of Web Applications

Siddhartha Bedi and Pat Schroeder, Observations on the Implementation and Testing of Scripted Web Applications

Technical Session 2

Scott Tilley, Damiano Distante, Shihong Huang, Web Site Evolution via Transaction Reengineering

Holger M. Kienle, Daniel German, and Hausi Müller, Legal Concerns of Web Site Reverse Engineering

Scott Barber, Creating Effective Load Models for Performance Testing with Incomplete Empirical Data

Technical Session 3

Manpreet Sagoo, Miriam Capretz, Jagath Samarabandu, PAWA: A Program Analysis Tool for Web Based Intranet Applications.

G.A. Di Lucca, A. R. Fasolino, M. Mastroianni, an d P. Tramontana, Identifying Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities in Web Applications

Invited Address and Panel

Hung Quoc Nguyen, Web Application Testing Beyond Tactics

Cem Kaner, Scott Tilley, Harry M. Sneed, Peter Zimmerer, Panel: Research Challenges in Testing Web Applications

  General Chair
Paolo Tonella, ITC-irst, Italy

Program Chair
Cem Kaner, Florida Institute of Technology, USA

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