4th International Workshop on
Web Site Evolution

October 2, 2002; Montréal, Canada

WSE 2002
Migrating to Web Services

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The potential of the Web as a vehicle for offering a variety of services is becoming more apparent as Web sites evolve their contents from static information to more dynamic and interactive forms. A number of new standards and commercial products are emerging, offering a basis for developing Web-based services from dynamic composible resources, extending both the range and scope of services that can be made available through the Web.

The goal of this one-day workshop is to bring together members of the Web design, software engineering, and information technology communities to discuss techniques for migrating to Web services. Architectural styles and tool support for service-based Web sites are currently quite diverse. Expertise in constructing service-based Web pages is quite limited, and experience accounts are lacking. The explosion of non-traditional computing platforms for browsing the Web, such as PDAs, WAP-enabled phones, and Internet appliances, is forcing Web professionals to rethink the separation of form from content and the range and scope of services offered via the Web.

WSE 2002 will provide an opportunity for the exchange of information related to exciting new research and empirical results in areas including (but not limited to):

bullet   Migrating to Web services
bullet   Web quality determination and improvement through process and product control
bullet   Enhancing Web sites to make them more accessible, reliable, and usable
bullet   Analyzing and reverse-engineering Web site content and structure
bullet   Making Web site content available in multiple formats for multiple platforms
bullet   Applying traditional software engineering activities such as architecture, metrics, and testing to Web sites
bullet   Case studies of large-scale Web site reuse, reengineering, and evolution

Papers on research investigations both describing evolution and supporting evolution with respect to Web services are particularly welcome, as are papers on assuring that Web services are universally accessible and usable.

Please, download a copy of the call for papers (html, pdf, txt). Paper submission deadline and other important dates can be found here.

WSE 2002 is co-located with the IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM 2002). ICSM is the IEEE Computer Society's flagship event focused on the modernization of existing systems. ICSM 2002's theme of "maintaining distributed heterogeneous systems" nicely compliments WSE 2002's overall theme and goals.

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