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3rd International Workshop on
Web Site Evolution

November 10, 2001; Florence, Italy

WSE 2001
Theme: Access for All

TITLE: Preparing the Ground for Website Metrics Research


Paul Warren, Craig Gaskell
Centre for Internet Computing, University of Hull, UK

Cornelia Boldyreff
RISE, Dept. of Computer Science,
University of Durham, UK

KEYWORD(s): website, webware, metrics, hypermedia, HCI




The Internet is a new arena for software development, and has attracted much attention from all sides of the computing community because of the power offered by its distributed form and flexibility. There has been substantial interest in finding appropriate techniques to take advantage of its novel characteristics, which include multi-platform operation and accessibility for all.

This paper identifies a number of coherent research areas drawn from software metrics, HCI and hypermedia research, from the viewpoint of a research team interested in Website metrics. These coherent areas seem to have traditionally had little communication with each other. However by changing perspective and considering each area individually and also their overlap, a body of knowledge is evident that provides the fundamental basis for website metrics, and hence for website evolution research.

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