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3rd International Workshop on
Web Site Evolution

November 10, 2001; Florence, Italy

WSE 2001
Theme: Access for All

TITLE: Maintenance Support for Web Sites: A Case Study


Panagiotis K. Linos
Butler University,
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Indianapolis, IN 46208, USA.

Esther T. Ososanya
Tennessee Technological University,
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cookeville, TN 38505, USA.

Harri Natarajan
AMD, Austin, Texas, USA. Email:

PRESENTER: Panagiotis K. Linos


KEYWORDS: World Wide Web, Web Maintenance and Evolution, Web Robot and Hypertext.


This paper reports on results gathered during a case study using a web maintenance tool called Perlbot. The main objective of the study is to observe the history of modifications made on various web documents. Based on selected metrics, we collect data with respect to how such sites are maintained and evolve. The data gathered support our hypothesis that there is a worldwide tendency to accumulate large numbers of stale documents over long periods of time. Moreover, our quantitative results reveal inconsistent web maintenance activities spanning over various international sites.

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