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3rd International Workshop on
Web Site Evolution

November 10, 2001; Florence, Italy

WSE 2001
Theme: Access for All

TITLE:  Knowledge Representation for Web based Services in a Multi-cultural Environment


Hiranmay Ghosh, N. Rajarathnam
Tata Infotech Research Group, Tata Infotech Ltd., New Delhi, India

Santanu Chaudhury
Dept of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi , India

KEYWORD(s): Semantic Web, Knowledge Representation Technique, Resource Description Format (RDF), Semantic Network




Internet being a global resource, web based applications need to break the barriers of language and culture. The core of an intelligent web based application comprises an ontological description of the domain. A domain ontology needs a medium of expression, which usually consists of terminology borrowed from a natural language. Thus, a knowledge based application becomes susceptible to linguistic and cultural context. In this paper, we present a new knowledge representation technique that distinguishes between the abstract concepts in a domain and their expressions. It can associate expressions from different languages with the concepts in an ontology network. Non-textual symbols and media property specifications can also be used to express the concepts using this technique. The resulting ontology can thus be used in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment. An RDF based language is used as a vehicle for the knowledge representation scheme.

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