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3rd International Workshop on
Web Site Evolution

November 10, 2001; Florence, Italy

WSE 2001
Theme: Access for All

ICSM 2001


WSE 2001 will go forward. The tragic events of Sept. 11 in New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania will not deter us from meeting in Italy to discuss matters of interest to the community. The President said to continue our lives, and I fully intend to do so.

Scott Tilley
General Chair
WSE 2001


Welcome to WSE 2001! The beginning of the new millennium provides a singular opportunity to view Web sites in a new perspective: as a vehicle for truly universal communication. Such an inclusive definition implies that Web sites should provide comparable experiences to diverse users, irrespective of their national language, physical abilities, or computing platform. In other words, access for all.

The goal of this one-day workshop is to bring together members of the communication design, software engineering, and information technology communities to discuss techniques for evolving Web sites from their current condition to a state that meets the criteria outlined above. Architectural styles and tool support for multilingual Web sites is currently quite limited. Expertise in constructing Web pages that are accessible to the disabled is available but not widely utilized. The explosion of non-traditional computing platforms for browsing the Web, such as PDAs, WAP-enabled phones, and Internet appliances, is forcing Web professionals to rethink the separation of form from content.

WSE 2001 provides an opportunity for the exchange on information related to exciting new research and empirical results in areas including (but not limited to):

bullet  Migrating to multilingual Web sites
bullet  Enhancing Web sites to make them accessible to the disabled
bullet  Making Web site content available in multiple formats for multiple platforms
bullet  Case studies of large-scale evolution
bullet  Fundamental design issues that transcend the medium

I am very pleased that the third meeting of this growing research community is co-located with the IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM 2001). WSE 2001 is also a companion event to the ACM SIGDOC 2001 conference, which took place October 21-24 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I hope WSE can follow the example set by the previous workshops in Atlanta in 1999 and Zurich in 2000 to provide a stimulating and enjoyable event.

Scott Tilley
General Chair, WSE 2001
University of California, Riverside

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