Call for Participation
2nd International Workshop on
Web Site Evolution
WSE'2000 March 1, 2000; Zürich, Switzerland

Part of the Reengineering Forum Europe (29 February -- 3 March 2000)
Meeting jointly with CSMR'2000

The WSE 2000 Proceedings are available here in PDF format. (1.63MB)

The goal of this one-day workshop is to bring together members of the software maintenance, reengineering, and information technology communities to discuss techniques for Web-enabling legacy systems. One way of extending the lifespan of existing applications is to make them available over the Web. While there are numerous tools available to aid in this process, significant challenges remain. In addition, once migrated to the Web, legacy systems are often augmented with new capabilities, such as electronic commerce and streaming media. Such additions add to the complexity of the Web-enabled system, making its subsequent evolution even more difficult.

WSE'2000 will provide a opportunity for the exchange on information related to exciting new research and empirical results in areas including (but not limited to): 

bullet Extracting and reusing components from legacy systems
bullet Using distributed component technology in migrating legacy systems
bullet Managing an evolving n-tier information system
bullet Case studies of large-scale evolution
bullet Business issues in migrating to the Web

WSE'2000 is part of the 2nd Reengineering Forum Europe (EuroREF), which is meeting jointly with the 4th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering (CSMR'2000). Following the format set in the inaugural WSE workshop held with WCRE'99 in Atlanta, WSE'2000 will include invited talks, technical paper presentations, and discussion sessions. Participants should submit a 2000-word position paper, not to exceed 4 pages using 10 point type, including figures and references. Electronic submissions must be in Postscript (interpretable by Ghostscript) or in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, must be printable on 8½x11 paper, and must be sent as an email attachment to [email protected]. Submissions must be received by 5pm Pacific time on Friday, January 21, 2000. Proceedings will be distributed electronically.

General Chair

Scott Tilley, Univ. of California at Riverside, USA

Program Committee

Cornelia Boldyreff, Univ. of Durham, UK
Gerardo Canfora, Univ. of Sannio, Italy
Elliot Chikofsky, META Group, USA
Kostas Kontogiannis, Univ. of Waterloo, Canada
Harry Sneed, Software Eng. Services, Germany
Chris Verhoef, Univ. of Amsterdam, Netherlands

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